Think cats can’t be trained?  Think again!

Early socialisation and training is equally as important to the wellbeing of cats as it is to dogs.  A happy, sociable and well adjusted cat makes a far better companion and is less likely to display undesirable behaviours later in life.  Kitten Kindy nurtures your kitten’s learned experiences from the very beginning, at a crucial stage in their social development and it provides them with the tools they need to best adapt to domestic living.

The concept of Kitten Kindy was pioneered in Australia by Dr Kersti Seskel in the late 1990’s and has steadily grown in popularity around the world since then.

Kitten Kindy by Feline Focus
2x 1hr classes (held over 2 consecutive weeks): $40 per kitten

Kitten kindy is for kittens aged 7 to 14 weeks, when they are most impressionable and open to teaching, training and bonding. Before starting classes, your kitten must be vet checked, have a health certificate, and have received its first set of kitten vaccines.



Vet clinics:  Want to offer Kitten Kindy classes through your clinic?  Contact me for rates and information.

Tailored socialisation programmes and one-on-one training sessions for cats and kittens of all ages are also available.
Great for cat rescue groups and their volunteer fosterers as Kitten Kindy is not suitable for newly rescued or feral kittens.